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5 Layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Line Guide - 2022 Buying Tips, Advantages and Popular Models


5 Layer Blown Film Extrusion Lines are definitely the main trends to replace 3 Layer Blown Film Extrusion Lines for the flexible packaging industry. 5 Layer systems and technology can provide processors with increased productivity and flexibility in order to produce a wider range of products from a single film line.

Advantages of 5 Layer Blown Film Machines and Lines

Compared to the 3 layer blown film system or other traditional film extrusion, the advantages of 5 Layer Films are two-fold.

  • Economy Benefits:

  • It achieves an economic benefit on the formulation costs because of the intrinsic possibility of co-extrusion with extremely thin skin layers. Most 5 Layer Blown Film Lines are equipped with automation devices, requiring less manpower, which helps reduce labor costs.

  • Resin Performance-Maximization Benefits:

  • It achieves the flexibility and availability of targeted and application-fit materials which maximizes their performance by virtue of their use in pure form.

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How to Select 5 Layer Blown Film Co Extrusion Lines and Manufacturers ? 5 Considerations

If you have chosen 5 Layer Blown Film Extrusion Lines as the method to manufacture your packaging, an experienced manufacturer can successfully direct the process from concept to finished products with high precision, little waste and overall quality and cost-effectiveness. Here are 5 important considerations when choosing a 5 layer Blown Film Extrusion Line Manufacturer :

  • Does the manufacturer have the ability to resolve blown film problems and/or defects?

  • Many problems or defects (such as uneven rolls, gauge variation, wrinkles, gel, shark skin, unstable gauge for each layer, and maintaining output) may occur in Blown Film Multilayer Extrusion Lines and Plants. Only an experienced manufacturer can help identify and define a defect and narrow down the list of suspects causing the issues, in a short time. And only a blown film extrusion plant manufacturer with lots of manufacturing experience can give immediate solutions and be able to assist you in your film operations.

  • Do they have know-how about blown film extrusion formulas?

  • Multilayer films require various resins to achieve specific properties in the final structure, and also to improve processability during film production and converting.The right manufacturer can share and communicate their valued-experience and knowledge of blown film extrusion formulas to guide you to select the best fit resins that balance cost and function.

  • Do they provide durable blown film extrusion lines together with long-term after-service and parts?

  • Repairs of 5 layer blown film lines and machines become more challenging than mono and 3 layered lines. A good manufacturer needs to be able to be available for the long-term so that you can get immediate service when repairs or spare parts are needed in the future. At Kung Hsing (KS), there’s a case where one blown film line was purchased 30 years ago, and is still operating in the customer’s factory with full support of spare parts.

  • Do they have the ability to develop the latest products continuously to meet market trends?

  • A good blown film manufacturer can provide powerful knowledge and insights, which leads to improvements to their existing processes or products. Which also leads to an increased efficiency! In addition, the developments in resins have changed in recent years, while machine designs are becoming more sophisticated.

  • Do they have complete upstream and downstream control of their value chain in their blown film extrusion lines?

  • In Taiwan, as a leader in blown film extrusion, mature vertical integration of upstream and downstream value chains help companies to reach cost-effectiveness by controlling all aspects of blown film lines and machines. They have more control over their production processes in order to maintain higher quality control of their products.

Popular Types of 5 Layer Blown Film Lines in 2022

● Available Resins : LDPE, LLPDPE, HDPE, EVA, PP, NYLON
● Layflat Width : 1500mm
● Film Thickness : 0.03~0.20m/m
● Max Output : 430kgs/hr


5 Layer Blown Film Line Videos

5 Layer Blown Film Co Extrusion Line Manufacturer from Taiwan

Kung Hsing Plastic Machinery, established in 1972, is a leading manufacturer in the design and manufacture of Extrusion Machinery. They include Agricultural Film Blown Film Machine, PP/PE Inflation (film blowing) making machine, Nylon/Polyester/PP/PE Monofilament making machine, PP/PE Flat Yarn (Woven Bag) making machine, PP packing band machine, PP Sheet making machine and Plastic Recycling Machines. Our machines have been sold to more than 100 countries and approved by many experienced manufacturers in the plastic processing industry.

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